Who are we?

MailChatter has been created by Ben Donovan, Managing Director of Leisureshopdirect.com and of Campsitechatter.com. With a history of successful web-design already under his belt, Ben has brought his understanding of running start-up businesses and his skills in website design together to create a straightforward, reliable and cost-effective emailing platform, ideal for creating and sustaining excellent communications between organisations and their customers.

Ben explains, "Through listening to campsite owners, we realised that there was a need for a straightforward, reliable and cost-effective email platform for smaller and medium sized businesses especially. Their interactions with customers need to be of really high quality, however very few campsites can afford to employ an external company to design and send their emails. Many campsite owners are jacks of every conceivable trade, multi-tasking continually and so the platform we have created is quick and easy to use. And in tough financial times, we have created a pricing structure which businesses of all sizes can afford. Of course, quality is paramount, so MailChatter offers excellent features and genuine reliability, placing it alongside top brands in the industry. Due to its success with Campsites we decided to open it up to any type of business and we look forward to helping out businesses in all types of industries."