What is a test email address?

Once you are happy with an email you have created, before you send a campaign there is an option to send a test version the email. This is where you set-up the email addresses where you would like to send these test emails to. A test email is the same as the full campaign email but the tracking (opens & clicks) are not recorded.

Your test email addresses will need to be in your contact list to be able to add them into this list.

Any one of your campaign emails could have dynamic information types included (eg –first name). When choosing your test email addresses you should ensure that they contain data in as much information types as possible. For example if an email that you have created contains the first name & date-of-birth somewhere in the email then if you send a test to an email address that does not contain this information then those information types will default to your alternative (these alternatives are set-up on the settings page).

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