How can I improve my email reputation?

Your email reputation is a measure of your email deliverability and the interaction of your customers with the emails you send. Improving your email reputation is desirable because it affects the rate at which you can send emails through MailChatter and it is a good reflection of whether you are getting value for money in sending the emails in the first place: if your emails don't reach your customers' inboxes, or your customers don't open or interact with the email, then your money hasn't worked as hard as it might.

There are mechanisms embedded in Mailchatter which will help your email reputation to improve automatically.

For instance, SPAM complaints from an email address, or customers who 'unsubscribe' will automatically be removed from your contact list to avoid you accidentally sending that contact another email in the future. We also remove addresses which have 'hard bounced' or 'soft bounced' multiple times.

email reputation

However, you can also help to improve your reputation by avoiding using too much promotional (sell, sell sell!) language within the body of your email and in the subject line, as this might also be picked up by internet service providers and cause your email to be rejected as SPAM.

You can also improve your deliverability by learning about when your customers tend to open the emails you send and choosing similar send times in the future. Look at which style of subject line your customers are more attracted to open and, when they do open your emails, the type of links they prefer to click on. You can do this kind of analysis using the email report that MailChatter produces after each send.

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