I have a large number of new contacts to add to my contact lists and I don't want to have to add them individually. How do I upload a whole list of contacts at once?

Make sure that you have the list of contacts that you want to upload to MailChatter as a .csv (comma separated value) file available on the computer you are working on. If your contacts are not in this format then open them in Excel and then save as a CSV file. If your contacts reside in an email client (such as gmail) please simply export these contacts as a CSV file and then use this file. From the left hand menu select 'Contacts' and then 'Upload Contact List'. Click 'select' and upload the file from your computer. Try to include as many information columns about your contacts as possible as you can use these columns (such as gender) to group your contacts at a later stage.

Once the file is uploaded, Mailchatter will ask for you identify the different columns. For example the first column in the CSV file may be the first name, and the second column the last name and so on. Each file is limited to 30 columns but further files can be uploaded again containing any further information at a later stage. The unique part about a contact is the email address. If you upload a file that contains an email address that already exists in the system then any new information will be added to the existing contact.

We will then ask you to decide which groups the contacts should be added into. If it a new group then you can add that at this stage.

We now have all the information that we need and will send you an email once the contacts have been added into your system.

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