What is a click through rate?

The click through rate of your campaign is quite simply a measure of how many customers clicked through on at least one of the links you have embedded in an email campaign. So, the click through rate is, by definition, always going to be the same or lower than your open rate. Again, the click throughs are represented in a percentage measure, showing the percentage of subscribers who received your email in their inbox who clicked on at least one of the links you embedded in your campaign. In concrete terms, if you sent 100 emails all of which were delivered into the inboxes of your customers, then a click through rate of 13% would mean that 13 of those 100 customers had followed at least one of the active links in your email.

In Mailchatter, not only will you receive a report on the percentage of subscribers who clicked at least one link in a campaign, you can track the number of subscribers that clicked on an individual link.

Here is the calculation we use:

Click % = (Unique Clicks / (Sent Email Count - Bounced Count)) * 100)

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