How can I increase my click through rate?

There's no doubt about it: your click through rate is linked to the quality of your email content. You could try a number of these strategies to increase your click rate:

  • Tell your contacts what you want them to do. Be clear about it. if you want them to read your blog use a 'Read Blog' button in your email.

  • Your subscribers might be looking for a strong call to action, asking them to take part, to contribute, to act. Make this call to action a click through button and you may well hook your customer in.

  • Use a clickable image. Your customers might be motivated by a great offer or promotion - again, this needs to be underpinned by a clickable link or image, easily visible to your customer.

  • Know your customer (and this is where learning from the successes of your previous campaigns comes in!) If you have a group of customers who are 'dog mad', they are far more likely to click on a link relating to this interest!

Improve your click through rate using 'call to action' buttons

  • Try to create a more friendly, intimate relationship with your subscribers straight away, whether this is through the use of their name, of your name or of an approach that is likely to appeal to their interests. If your customers feel a connection, they are far more likely to click on the links you have embedded.

  • Less is more! Don't bombard and overwhelm your customers with content or too many links. You are better off sending a greater number of more focused, pertinent emails or newsletters than sending long,over complicated campaigns that no-one has time to read or that make people feel confused. Keep your content (and your links) focused, relevant and important.

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