Why do some emails display 'on behalf of' in the from field?

Some email clients (for instance Outlook) will display additional sender details for emails sent through Mailchatter. They do this for email authentication purposes - they reveal more information about where a message has come from, to help the recipient decide which emails are authentic and genuine. By way of an example, if you send an email from [email protected] but you haven't added "a-zgadgets" as a sending domain in Mailchatter (through the "Advanced Email Sending & Tracking" Add-on), we will use our own domain to authenticate your email. This will be displayed as "On behalf of" in some email clients' from fields. To prevent this extra information appearing in "from" field, please see our "Advanced Email Sending & Tracking" Add-on, on the Pricing page. There is also the option to White Label your emails. This is one level below the "Advanced Email Sending & Tracking". This will remove references to MailChatter by creating a specific subdomain under our white-list domain. This will appear in the fashion [email protected].

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