How can I White Label my emails?

What is 'white label marketing'?

White label email marketing can help you to customise and brand your email campaigns, going so far as to hide from your customers' view any hint that MailChatter exists at all!

Some email clients (for instance Outlook, Gmail) will display additional sender details for emails sent through Mailchatter. Mailchatter automatically authenticates emails sent through our platform by adding the sender address: If, however, you prefer for your emails to have been generated by your own software, MailChatter does offer different options for white label email marketing, though:

White Labelling

We automatically add a "Sent by" to the bottom of every email. Opting to 'White Label' your emails gives you the ability to remove this. We will also set-up a subdomain under our white-list domain. This will be set-up correctly to ensure the maximum chance of deliverability. This will be in the fashion “”. In the few email clients that do display extra send information, this will then be displayed as [email protected] which will encourage opening of the email.

white label email marketing

Advanced Email Sending & Tracking

To maximise the chances of your customers opening your email then this is a great add-on. We automatically add authentication to all messages sent but this enables you to add SPF and DKIM records for your sending domain(s). This is strongly recommended for better deliverability. You will need to create a subdomain under your main domain and point that to our servers. Normal subdomains used are “”, “”, “” or “” but the choice is yours. We will then set-up this domain with the relevant technical bits to ensure deliverability. At this point the "on behalf of" in some email clients will not appear because it will be sent from a properly authenticated send address. We automatically add a "Sent by" to the bottom of every email. This also gives you the ability to remove this.

Go to our Pricing page to set up white label email marketing for your MailChatter account.

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